Tina Lee - Owner, DermillusionAbout Tina Lee

Tina displays a true dedication to her craft in every aspect of her work; including an attention to detail and superb customer service.  She believes the services she offers should be top quality, affordable, and an overall positive client experience.  

Trained by the Best of the Best

Tina has many years in the medical field before becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist.  She completed a one year apprenticeship in Minnesota and continued advanced training by industry leaders in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.  Tina is also trained in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) by Scalp Aesthetics, which is the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation company.

Minnesota state mandates that all tattooing is a licensed service. To find a licensed technician, go online to MN Dept of Health and find out if the tech who is going to work on you is licensed. Presently, tattooing is not regulated in Arizona. Fortunately, Tina is one of the few licensed Permanent Makeup Artists working in Arizona.  Rest assured her advanced education and strict Minnesota laws on health and safety are upheld in any state she works! Tina’s high level of training has set her apart from many other Permanent Makeup Artist who have tried to make their mark in the industry.

Scalp Aesthetics affiliatePrioritizes her Client’s Health and Safety

In addition to being a highly skill Permanent Makeup Artist, Tina also has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the health and safety issues associated with Cosmetic Tattooing (aka Permanent Makeup). She believes that proper health and safety measures must be followed at all times, without exception! This can sometimes result in having to turn away potential clients, but this practice is just another display of how she always puts her clients best interest first. Tina builds respect by demanding the best effort from herself and she is committed to making her personal goals and every project she is associated with a success…always thinking of ways to improve the efficiency, safety, and outcome for her clients.

“Tina at Dermillusion did a fantastic job on my scalp. She is professional and dedicated to her work, she took her time and made sure every dot was placed just right. It is truly amazing how natural my scalp looks. I tell people I have a hair tattoo and they can’t believe it!”- Dan N.
“I had my eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lip color done by Tina Lee. What I love the most are the eyebrows and not having to draw them on before leaving the house. My makeup looks more professional and I am so happy with the results!”- Barb B.
“Tina Lee is the only person I would trust to do permanent makeup. I have always been terrified of people touching my eye area, but Tina is so meticulous that I can trust her completely. She put my fears to rest and gave me the look I've been hoping for. Tina is professional and makes the experience enjoyable. I highly recommend her services!”- Sasha N.
“Tina at Dermillusion is the best! I enjoy getting up in the morning and my makeup is done! Also, it is wonderful not having to scrub my cosmetics off at night. Thank you Tina for giving me a more youthful appearance.”- Mary A.
“I met Tina at Dermillusion a few short months ago. I noticed she did permanent makeup and also had options for men which made me uber excited! *fast forward* my procedure day: I came into Tina's studio not really knowing what to expect... I was a little nervous, but she made me feel very comfortable and welcome. My worries went away. Tina is very accommodating, professional in her work, and extremely easy to talk to. Everything is neat and clean and she worked at my pace. Tina puts her clients first and I love that about her. You would never regret working with her and I know from experience you will absolutely love the outcome of her work. I would recommend Dermillusion any day! I can call Tina a friend and not only my Artist.”- Thomas W.