Natural Tattoo Removal Vs. Laser Removal

A+ Ocean is a new and unique method for removing tattoos. A+ Ocean tops the list as a valued natural tattoo removal method due to its ability to help get rid of the tattoo without any tissue damage.

This technique employs a few steps in order to achieve groundbreaking results of complete tattoo removal. Created by John Hashey, isotonic solutions to remove tattoos permanently. This method is preferred by many because most people experience far less pain with this technique than a laser to remove their tattoos but also helps clients avoid expensive tattoo removal performed by lasers.

In most cases, as mentioned, to remove tattoo ink, a laser is required. Such methods are not advised due to the high possibility of scarring.

But, how does A+Ocean tattoo removal compare with Laser tattoo removal? Does it present added benefits against a laser?

As a close competitor to A+ Ocean, laser tattoo removal is associated with increased risks.

A+ Ocean relies on natural products that are safe to use, even in sensitive places around the body such as the eyes, where lasers not recommended. This presents a challenge for those who are trying to removal permanent eyeliner.

Lasers also have a difficult time removing tattoos that contain titanium dioxide. In addition, yellow pigment on caucasian skin presents yet, another challenge with known complications.

In contrast to the complex nature and application of laser tattoo removal, A+ Ocean works by hypertonically drawing water from the skin cells. This process releases special pigment particles that draw the ink close to the epidermis in order to aid a swift, scar-free permanent tattoo removal.