All Natural Tattoo Removal

A hypertonic solution is a solution that has a higher salt concentration than that of the normal body cells and as a result, the water is drawn out from the body cells through the process of osmosis. Simply put, a hypertonic solution is any solution having a higher osmotic pressure in comparison to another solution.

The tattoo pigment is not a liquid in the body but is conveyed into the body by using a clear liquid that you usually see in the pigment bottles which sit for a few days. The clear pigment usually gets absorbed by the body immediately a tattoo needle punctures the skin tissue. When this happens, the clear liquid which can be referred to as the pigment carrier brings the pigment particles into the tissue. Because the pigments are a foreign body in your system, the white cells will attempt to eliminate them but eventually, the body chemistry will accept the pigment particles as non-threatening and the pigment will be sealed in a scar tissue that is too small to be felt or even for your eyes to perceive in the skin. When the pigment in the body is not accepted, then an allergic reaction will occur! This explains in depth the science that makes the product so successful.

When the hypertonic saline solution is used, the dermis is raised in 12-24 hours, pressure builds on the skin tissues containing the tattoo and finally, the scar tissue containing the pigment is able to release it. The raised dermis results in an open epidermis with a scab clinging to the cells. The scab is formed by blood coagulating in the body; this makes the pigment removal process natural without any scarring. It is important to understand that this tattoo removal process does not give an instant result but takes time. The only way to get quick results in tattoo removal is to surgically remove the tattooed skin.

There are many factors that will determine the number of procedures and the length of time it will take for your tattoo to be completely removed. These factors include but are not limited to the pigment, depth, type of pigment used and the tissue condition. Migration sometimes can be observed after removal. This means that is was under the skin but has been raised to an area of the tissue where it is visible.

Different colors of ink contain heavy metals.  Laser removal can be highly toxic to the body as the laser sends all of the pigment directly into the bloodstream for the immune system to accommodate.  Recent studies have shown the deposition of carcinogenic compounds from the process.  Caution should be exercised with tattoo removal as heavy metal poisoning from the pigments is also plausible.  Saline removal pushes the pigment out of the skin, eliminating the risk of it going through the bloodstream and organs.

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Tattoo Removal Using Pure Aloe Vera

Pure Aloe Vera gel is widely known for its healing and moisturizing qualities when used in the skin and hair. This gel is got from the processing of the organic inner fillets of the fresh leaves of the Aloe Vera plant to get the pulp and fiber. The gel gotten after processing is given a stable shelf life by decolorizing, pasteurizing and preserving it. a pure Aloe Vera gel is thinner in texture compared to the gels found on the market. This is because the marketed gels are “gelled” using a safe gelling agent. If you prefer a thick consistency in your Aloe Vera gel, please try the Aloe Moist which is one of our products.

Aloe Vera is fragile and should be carefully handled to prevent the growth of bacteria due to contamination. The Aloe Moist is naturally preserved using an anti-microbial agent such as our grapefruit seed extract, the Germaben or even a combination of parabens. The shelf life of the Aloe Vera gel is usually 1 year but is recommended that you use it within six months of opening it. The fresher the gel the more suitable it is for use. To prolong the products shelf life you, should refrigerate it.

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